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About "Talisman"

Corona, Zelene Jiang Schlosberg, two eggs and canvas pieces, 40 x 14 x 6 inches

My work dangles precipitously between painting and sculpture, bringing the viewer the silent but palpable experience of being between forms, with attention to line and architecture always present.

A canvas has a corporeal presence and emits a powerful sense of place. My immigration journey has allowed me to focus in on, as well as to be outside of, the tropes of my chosen genres and media.

The extended techniques I employ include cutting, wrapping, stitching and crocheting. Simple nails, stones, polystyrene foam, plaster, and ready-made objects are materials that function not ornamentally but rather centrally in addressing issues of objecthood, of transience, as well as the powerful aesthetics of fragility. One might even speak of a “decolonization of materials.”

Some of my more recent works are large-form projects, including installation pieces that address social-cultural concerns in a more visceral manner.


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