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About "Studies in Hue and Whimsy"

Encounter, 36 x 36 inches, acrylic and thread on canvas

My work addresses the gestural flexibility of curved lines and ambiguous forms, and how textual and contextual issues mitigate perception.

The legacy of the color field and abstract expression movements combines with an impulse to speak to the vulnerability and openness of human experiences. Very often, I use linear media, such as cotton thread and diluted acrylic paint, to create compositional imagery, through the varied materials also be taken metaphorically. I see them breathe, run, struggle, fly, interrupt and escape. In this sense, I have come to understand my work as a kind of internal portraiture, to transform the invisible workings of the mind. 

I am inspired by transitory scenes such as water flowing, air flitting, clouds hovering, flowers blooming. I want to infuse these deceivingly silent scenes with a dynamic momentum.


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