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Featured by Empty Easel

Below essay was initially written and published by Dan from Empty Easel in Feb 2019 at

Zelene Schlosberg: Sculptural Artwork in Wood, Thread, Canvas, and Nails

Mixed-media artist Zelene Schlosberg creates unique three-dimensional artworks that are a lovely blend of both sculpture and paintings.

Using items like thread, wood, canvas, and stone, Zelene constructs textural pieces of art that somehow feel incredibly simple and modern, while still offering a comparable amount of visual movement as you’d find in a more typical abstract painting.

Unpack, Zelene Schlosberg, thread, nail and canvas pieces on three manipulated canvases, 21x21x 3 inches

Case in point, Unpack, above, contains a varied collection of structural elements that lead the eye around (and in some cases, through) the piece. Partially embedded nails act as broken lines and directional cues, while a plethora of strings bridge the gaps and cuts within the canvas to “hold” this deconstructed artwork together.

Despite the busy-ness of that movement, the natural elements and neutral colors keep it from overwhelming the viewer.

Stage, seen below, makes use of string and canvas in much the same way, but offers a dual view, one light one dark.

Stage, Zelene Schlosberg, thread on canvas. 8x16 inches

On the left side you have a starkly visual contrast, on the right, primarily textural. In both cases we are treated to a sight not often seen by patrons of the arts—the wall directly behind the artwork—and encouraged to look at the spaced between.

Lastly, Foundation is a three-foot by three-foot creation of wood, canvas, acrylic paint, thread, and stone.

Foundation, Zelene Schlosberg, thread, acrylic, stone, canvas and wood. 36x36x2 inches

The thread is successfully used both as a design element and a means of anchoring the strips of canvas to the frame. Most importantly, perhaps, it is used to tether a small stone in the bottom right—uniquely situated to bridge one of the few gaps allowed in this piece.


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