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Featured and Discussed on ABC News

Not often contemporary art appears on network TV, but as the featured artist at Esmé Chicago, Zelene Jiang Schlosberg's art just was being featured and discussed on ABC News Chicago.

Michelin-Starred chef Jenner Tomaska is profiled, and there is even a detail of Zelene's piece entitled "Collect". Video link here:

Giant Cheetos puff up bar menu at art-inspired, Michelin-starred Esmé in Chicago's Lincoln Park - ABC7 Chicago

Details of Collect

More screenshots below:

Other news coverage:

"Zelene Schlosberg creates multilayered pieces with cut fabric."

--Block Club Chicago

Esmé Restaurant Is Transforming Fine Dining With A Menu Inspired By '90s Nostalgia And Nonprofit Kitchen Possible (

"These Art-Filled Bars Feel Like We’re Drinking in a Museum,...To enhance the Kitchen Possible experience, Esmé is displaying artwork local artists Griffin Goodman and Zelene Jiang Schlosberg."


The 6 Best Bars and Restaurants for Art Lovers - Thrillist

Zelene Jiang Schlosberg with Chef Jenner Tomaska

Installation view

More information regarding art collection process, please click below:

Collector's link for show at Esmé Chicago

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