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"Directions #0" on the cover of John Liberatore's album "Line Drawings"

Directions #0, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36 inches, Zelene Schlosberg

I'm honored that my painting "Directions #0" is on the cover of John Liberatore's newly released album "Line Drawings." John is a contemporary composer I particularly admire and his music really speaks to me. Please check out this new CD!

Excerpt from Albany Records website:


Taken together, the works on this portrait album of composer John Liberatore, are an eclectic mélange of instrumentations and affects, sometimes whimsical or wistful, dark or light. But each of them was composed in the same way, and in close proximity to each other. Liberatore is a composer, pianist, and one of the world's few glass harmonica players. Described by critics as "enchanting" and "truly magical," his music seeks poignancy through levity, ambiguity through transparency, and complexity within simple textures. The recipient of numerous awards and commissions, his music has received hundreds of performances in venues around the world, including The Kennedy Center, Carnegie's Weill Hall, and the Seoul Arts Center, among many others. A graduate of Eastman and Syracuse University, he is assistant professor of composition and theory at the University of Notre Dame.


John Liberatore, composer Six Line Drawings Ryan MacEvoy McCullough (piano)

John Liberatore, composer a tree-sprout, a nameless weed Mivos Quartet

John Liberatore, composer The Soughing Wind Molly Barth (flute); Dieter Hennings (guitar)

John Liberatore, composer A Line Broken, Traced Jan Berry Baker (saxophone); Stuart Gerber (percussion)

John Liberatore, composer Had They Remained Jamie Jordan (soprano); Daniel Druckman (percussion); John Liberatore (glass harmonica)


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