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LA Artist Podcast Interview with Zelene Jiang Schlosberg on site of LA Art Show 2024

LA based art podcast LA Artist Podcast (Los Ruano Gallery) recently interviewed Zelene Jiang Schlosberg on site of LA Art Show 2024.

The interview was published at LA Artist Podcast Apple plat form,

The video version can be found in blow link

"It was amazing to be able to not only see artwork from around the world, but be able to have great conversations with artists who have traveled to be a part of the LA Art Show. On this special episode we chat with 3 artists whose work captivated us and I hope their stories inspire you to continue creating! Listen to the full podcast to hear all three artists' stories! Zelene Jiang Schlosberg a Chinese artists who currently resides in Chicago, and her work is a unique take similar to paper cutouts, but instead of cutting paper she cuts the canvas itself and layers 2 canvases on top of each other to add a dynamic element to her work."

--LA Artist Podcast, 2024


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