Zelene Jiang Schlosberg

canvas, acrylic, thread

20x20x1.5 inches/51x51x3.8 cm




SKU: 671253175371
  • This is a unique "cut out" wall sculpture piece consisting of 2 panels of canvas. 

    Zelene Jiang Schlosberg cuts, paints, stacks and positions canvases to create hybrid works that dangle precipitously between painting and sculpture, with attention to line and architecture always present. The works adumbrate a labyrinthine narrative of abstract, figurative, and mystical configurations, set in a world both familiar and uncanny. Between the tension and illusion of real and unreal, the canvas feels reminiscent of memories, of yearning and loss.

    The idea of stacking, juxtaposing, and layering responds to Jiang Schlosberg’s intense study of Old Master paintings, including triptychs, as well as the Eastern influence of Chinese ink paintings.

    Zelene Jiang Schlosberg (b.1977) is a Chinese-American artist living and working in Chicago, who has been hailed for her bold approach to art-making that has resonances in both painting and sculpture. Solo exhibitions include Chinese American Arts Council Gallery (NYC), North Central College (IL), University of Illinois at Chicago, East Central College (MO) and Woldt Gallery London. She has also participated in numerous group shows, including at Zhoub Art Center, CICA Art Museum Korea and The Royal British Society of Sculptors. Her painting “Directions #0” was featured on the cover of composer John Liberatore's 2018 debut CD album, "Line Drawings” (Albany Records). Her works can also be seen in Artist Talk Magazine (UK), Studio Visit (US) and Art Market Magazine (Israel). An enthusiastic lover of contemporary classical new music, she frequently collaborates with notable avant-garde musicians, who also collect her work, in addition to several museums. She was a participant at Context Art Miami (2021) with Fabrik Projects Gallery. 

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