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Zelene Jiang Schlosberg for 2022 CONTEXT Art Miami

Zelene Jiang Schlosberg returns to CONTEXT Art Miami this year under the continued representation of Los Angeles-based gallery Fabrik Projects. Alongside its sister fair—internationally renowned Art Miami—CONTEXT 2022 kicks off Miami Art Week on November 29th and will run through December 4th. CONTEXT Art Miami continues to push boundaries and create conversations about contemporary art, spotlighting fresh, significant works in today’s primary art market.

In Miami, Zelene Jiang Schlosberg will present three new works--wall installations that blur painting and sculpture and that address the artist’s preoccupation with issues of space, color, and line in multiple dimensions. Jiang Schlosberg begins her art making process with sketches and then proceeds to cut canvases before applying acrylic paint and deciding on an ordering scheme. The finished product is the superposition of combined canvases.

Jiang Schlosberg’s artistic background and major influences include everything from the study of traditional Chinese ink painting to inspiration from Renaissance altarpieces, all the way to post-humanist literature that addresses issues of artificial intelligence and post-utopian societies. The global spread of COVID-19 and its continued alteration of reality serve as catalysts for the hidden surrealist path in the artist’s work today. The living conditions of women globally and their role in art history remain essential grounding points in Jiang Schlosberg’s creation.

《继承》,帆布,丙烯、线,51 x 51 x 3.8厘米,蒋贞蕾,2022年 | Inherit, 51x51x 3.8cm, canvas, acrylic, thread, 2022

Contradiction and dissolution are the pulse of Jiang Schlosberg’s works. While immediately pleasing to the eye, a closer inspection reveals disturbing discrepancies and startling juxtapositions. The artist chooses color blocks that jump and pop in a near frenzy. In Launch, the image of a yellow female figure in chains contrasts against the gratuitous warmth of pink and orange flora and fauna, and Horizon’s cheerful geometric landscape is marred by an ominous threat of industrial violence in the form of strings of black cannonballs falling from the sky.

《启》,帆布,丙烯、线,51 x 51 x 3.8 厘米,蒋贞蕾,2022年 | Launch, canvas, acrylic, thread, 51 x 51 x 3.8 cm, 2022

Jiang Schlosberg applies the acrylic exceptionally smoothly, erasing traces of the artist's hand and brush, but the exposed canvas and stitched cotton threads remind the viewer of a laborer’s toil: her presence, emotions, breaths, movements, gestures, and the violence of cutting. She cannot help but draw the audience into her space. Zelene Jiang Schlosberg believes that the speed and absurdity of today requires her to fight as an artist, stacking imagery, like a puzzle or throwing dice, in dazzling Bosch-inspired imagery that intertwines to the point of burning and bursting. However, there is also a sense of collapse present. The power of disintegration begins when the artist throws the knife at the canvas, compelling its first cuts and cracks. Baroque complexity competes with the void of each cut canvas to resist dissolution. The installation forges the canvas into a building like bricks; the dismantling deconstructs the work. The "emptiness" in Zen Buddhism and the "blank" in landscape painting form the backbone of Jiang Schlosberg’s artistic concept and practice.

《地平线》细节,蒋贞蕾,2022年 | Horizon details, 2022

Practicing Ouyang Xun School calligraphy since she was a child, Jiang Schlosberg is well versed in the way of hiding danger in peace, seeking beauty but always with an element of risk. In her art, things always seem on the verge of falling apart. A feminist, a formalist; a fighter, an observer. Zelene Jiang Schlosberg contains multitudes.

《地平线》,帆布,丙烯、线,102 x 102 x 3.8厘米,蒋贞蕾,2022年 | Horizon, Ahead, canvas, acylic, thread, 102 x 102 x 3.8 cm, 2022


青年旅美艺术家蒋贞蕾今年继续由总部在洛杉矶的法贝克画廊代理参加美国“上下文”迈阿密艺术博览会(CONTEXT Art Miami 2022)。 “上下文”迈阿密艺术博览会与其国际知名的姐妹“艺术迈阿密(Art Miami)” 一起于 11 月 29 日拉开迈阿密艺术周的序幕,并将持续到 12 月 4 日。“上下文”迈阿密艺术博览会继续突破界限,创造关于当代艺术的对话,聚焦当今主要艺术市场中新鲜、重要的作品。


在迈阿密,蒋贞蕾将展出三件新的墙上装置。这些作品模糊了绘画和雕塑的界限,倾透出艺术家多维地探索空间、颜色和线条的痴迷。 蒋贞蕾从白描开始创作过程,然后在涂上丙烯颜料和决定秩序方案前对帆布进行剪裁切割。成品是组合画布的叠加。


“矛盾”和“消解”是蒋贞蕾作品的脉动。作品最然立即令人赏心悦目,但仔细观察就会发现令人不安的差异和惊人的并置。艺术家选择了近乎疯狂地跳跃和弹出的色块。在 《启》中,一个戴着锁链的黄色女性形象与粉色和橙色的动植物群的无端温馨形成鲜明对比,《地平线》那欢快的几何景观被工业暴力的不祥威胁所破坏,一串串黑色炮弹的形状从天而降。




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